Top 10 Worst Auditions in American Idol

Keith Beukelaer

Keith struts in with his oversized sweater and declares that he will be singing Madonna’s “Like a Virgin”.

William Hung

Hung became a national sensation due to his incredibly awkward demeanor, heavy accent, and his so-called singing.

Mary Roach

Mary is certainly a memorable one. Her actual performance is bad enough, as she awkwardly swings her arms in an attempt to dance.

James Lewis

James Lewis gave us one of the funniest auditions of all time with his oversized and horribly performance of “Go Down Moses”.

Steven Thoen

Steven claims that he can hit the high notes and that he can sing as well as Freddie Mercury. But Freddie Mercury he is not.

Isadora Furman

To make matters worse, she defended herself and disrespected the judges after Simon called it “fantastically terrible”.

Derek Stillings

Derek Stillings tried to be the next Justin Timberlake. He ended up becoming a national laughing stock instead.

Nicholas Zitzmann

Nick Zitzmann is undoubtedly one of the most memorable “American Idol” auditions. The show acknowledges his odd personality.

Larry Platt

Writing their own songs, Larry Platt wowed the judges with his composition titled “Pants on the Ground”.

Renaldo Lapuz

Renaldo Lapuz is certainly an interesting character. Right off the bat we know this guy is something specia.

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