Top 10 Worst Cartoon Movies of all time

Shark Tale (2003)

Derivative and riddled with cliches, Shark Tale doesn’t offer anything fresh for viewers.

A Troll In Central Park (1994)

A Troll in Central Park carries none of the emotional weight of Bluth’s other movies.

Planes (2013)

The characters are thin and forgettable, and our hero Dusty Crophopper (Dane Cook) is about as charismatic as a bowl of creamed corn.

Norm of the North (2016)

Shoddy animation, a confusing message, and farting lemmings all combine to make Norm of the North a bear-y bad movie.

Alpha and Omega (2010)

Compared to 2010’s other animated offerings, Alpha and Omega falls to the back of the pack. Sure, the visuals are dull.

Foodfight! (2014)

To put it simply, Foodfight! is the stuff of nightmares. Words cannot accurately describe just how disturbing the animation is.

The Nut Job (2014)

The Nut Job follows an unlikable purple squirrel named Surly who accidentally destroys Liberty Park’s winter food supply.

Doogal (2006)

While it’s known as The Magic Roundabout in France and Britain, the English dub of the movie is titled Doogal.

Hoodwinked Too!: Hood Vs. Evil (2011)

The animation is substandard, but there’s enough quippy dialogue and unexpected twists to make it entertaining.

Happily N’Ever After (2006)

Film critic Tyler Burr even likened Hoodwinked! to Citizen Kane in comparison to Happily N’Ever After.

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