Top 10 Worst Airports In The US, Ranked

Newark Liberty International Airport

We're not the only ones who think Newark has the lousiest airport in the United States.

LaGuardia Airport

A major, multiyear project to modernize LaGuardia, delays and cancellations, and construction major problems.

Los Angeles International Airport

As is often the case in Los Angeles, getting there and getting around pose the biggest challenges.

O'Hare International Airport

Pre-pandemic, some 37 million travelers on nearly 900,000 flights passed through this Chicago facility every year.

Philadelphia International Airport

Philly's aging facility came in last place among large airports on J.D. Power's airport satisfaction survey in 2021.

Cleveland Hopkins International Airport

Cleveland’s decades-past-its-prime airport got a much-needed facelift in 2016.

Denver International Airport

bumpy landings and takeoffs, long TSA lines, parking issues, construction hassle

Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport

This Texas behemoth has long been one of the busiest airports in the country—and now it's even busier.

Yeager Airport

The scariest of all just might be West Virginia’s Yeager Airport, which sits atop a flattened hill that drops off by 300 feet.

Washington Dulles International Airport

This is what happens when you let a modernist master design an airport.

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