The 9 Greatest Bittersweet Movie Endings of All Time

Avengers: Endgame

Serving as the homestretch for the  punishers Endgame had a lot on its plate and managed to pull it all off relatively successfully.

Cinema Paradiso

Cinema Paradiso as a total is a veritably bittersweet film. It's a coming- of- age drama fastening on a youthful boy .


Ridley Scott's epic is about a man - Maximus - who is betrayed by the son of a Roman Emperor who then murders his family.

Toy Story 3

It's hard to pick a favorite Toy Story movie, but the strength of Toy Story 3's final scenes certainly makes it a candidate.

The Dark Knight

By The Dark Knight's end, The Joker has been captured and at least part of his plan is averted.

Edward Scissorhands

One of Tim Burton's stylish flicks( and clearly one of his most emotional), Edward Scissorhands is about an unusual man .

Seven Samurai

When a city gets continuously hovered by greedy bandits, several townspeople decide they are fed up.

La La Land

La La Land centers on a youthful couple in Los Angeles who have a great deal in common, leading to a relationship.


Maybe one of the original, definitive bittersweet consummations in film history- and still one of the best- Casablanca.

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